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2/2 Anime Tearjerkers ➵ Shikamaru’s Breakdown

- Winry: I couldn’t shoot. You said he’s the one who killed my mom and dad. He tried to kill you and Al too, Ed. But I couldn’t, why not?
- Edward: Remember in Rush Valley? You delivered that baby, you saved two lives. And you gave me an arm, and a leg to replace the ones I’ve lost…it’s your hands, they weren’t meant to kill.
They’re meant to give life, that’s why.

Uzumaki Naruto+Techniques 

make me choose meme: kenhna asked - homura akemi or sayaka miki

Kakashi dedicated to Larissa (/•ิ▽•ิ)/

Don’t forget my name, and you better pray that you never hear it again. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez… because the next time you hear it will be your last. I promise! (1.?)

 Happy birthday, Grimmjow! [31.07] 

Fullmetal Alchemist — Characters || inspired by x
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